Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Summer's Here!

Gosh! The sun was out in full force this weekend, so it's barbie weather again, we dusted off the cobwebs and powered up the hubby to get the barbie going. Homemade Burgers. yum yum!
As usual when the weather is like this people go mad at the supermarket and sure enough you just pop in to get some bread rolls, and what do you see,  the shelves empty....!

Then their is the wardrobe issue, you look at last years summer clothes, and see if any will keep you cool, that you can still fit in, of course, also their is the kid's summer clothes, knowing that they can't squeeze into any of their summer things (why do I keep them till the following year, I ask myself, is it that I secretly don't want them to grow until I am ready for buying them the clothes).

So it begins hopefully a Good Summer!

It's fast approaching Father's Day (June 20th) so I have been making more cufflinks for the up and coming Fairs and maybe the odd Glass Hanging.

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