Saturday, 4 August 2012

What a Summer So Far......!

"Well apart from the wet weather, the summer holidays seem to be going swimmingly so far....... however ask me the same question in another 3 weeks." :)

The run up to the holidays have been busy with unexpected things happening, definitely in a good way.

Summer Weddings

In June I had a pair of my glass cufflinks published by "A Kentish Ceremony Magazine" from my WowThankYou shop. Showing them for the Groom Fashion page. I was so excited, never had any of my work published before, it was lovely to see them in print.

Teacher's Gifts

As the end of School term approached, I made and added some Teacher Gifts to my Glass Collection of products. We rented shelf space for a day at on of the local shops, and they went down well with the customers. I love the feedback you get when talking to people.

and finally........... The Opening of my Etsy Shop

Yes! I now have a Etsy Shop just opened the other week. You can go straight there by scrolling up to the top of this page and you will see it listed with my WebShop and WowThankYou Shop. All you have to do, is just click on the shop you want to go too and it will direct you straight to my products, easy as that. I am looking forward to joining a few teams and see how I get on. 

For now I have lots of ideas and getting ready for Christmas Craft Fairs.
I have cut back on quite a few Craft fairs this year.......but I will tell you all about that in another Blog!

Congratulations to the WINNER of my first ever GiveAway!

which was StitchMinx, hope you liked the pendant?

Will do another GiveAway in September so keep your eyes peeled.