Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Hello Again!

I can not believe it's a month into the New Year already.

I's been  a looong time since I last updated my blog. Shame on me.
No excuses but wish only sometimes I had my own pause button, which I could press when needed, so I could catch up with myself and the world.

What have I been up too................................

I was lucky enough after waiting (patiently I might add and I didn't nag to much) several years to convert the garage into a Studio. Which has been Fantastic, it has made a huge difference on the way I work.
Before I had taken over the whole dinning room. When we had family and friends round, meal times was interesting, all done in relays on the kitchen table. That was entertaining!
Having my own space is like having freedom, I can just close the door anytime and leave my creative chaos without it disturbing other people.

I thought I would post some photo's showing you the progress, and the finished Studio.

WHAT"S NEXT..........!
This year I intend to keep on top of my blog, showing you what I have been up too, having Give Away Competitions so don't miss out, but also I would like to show you other crafters.
Their is a fantastic range of talented people out there, that sell their wares, you won't stumble upon in the High Street. However this will take time as I will need to get in touch with these lovely people or if you know anyone that would like to be featured, please let me know!


As well as launching my Website last June  I have also joined a online shop a few months ago which also sells a handful of my pendants,

If you go up to the top of my blog page I have added tabs that will direct you straight to my website and WOW Thank You shop. Please give it a try.

My job this month will be adding NEW STOCK to both my website and wow shop. So please keep popping by.
ALSO..............!  I am going give Etsy a try. So I will give you a link when I am all set up.

Thank you for your support and........  I better get cracking!
Z x