Friday, 12 March 2010

Great Week!

On a bit of a high this week as some stock has been sold at the library, also my Hubby took some jewellery into his work and the girls loved it and bought some too. So very happy that people like my work.
I thought I would finish scanning in some jewellery before labelling up this week but still need to make some more.
My Glass arrived this week so I need to start cooking with my kiln again, going to try some slumping this week. I will take photo's of how I get on and write a blog on how that turned out. Hopefully for next time....

Made some Mother's Day Card's the other week to go with the other Greeting Cards I do.
As it's Mother's Day this Sunday I am going to sit down watch a movie with the family and some popcorn and be pampered. Hope all you lovely mum's will be doing something too ......?

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